What up peeps,

Wanted to keep yall updated about my life on the Hilltop (and yes I do say “yall” now). First off, I am pleased to announce I am no longer a vegetarian! Bring on the steak!

Next, I would like to announce that Prints by Priya is gonna be moving to Florida next year! I’m taking all my Georgetown talents to South Beach so I can sell to all those famous celebrities and rake in the cash $$$$$. Next, I am going to move to Australia and go crazy with all my new $$$$$$.

Finally, I want to think Neal for giving me the inspiration and confidence to pursue my dreams. Watch out world!!

The Henna.


Yes, it is 1:34 AM. But I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is that I can now share all these wonderful pictures with the world, and with you!

As you’ll get to know me, I’m a huge fan of wearing/buying/creating off-beat and interesting designs. You know, things that make people do a double take, and think “Wow, I would have never thought of that.”

With that said, I’ll start by posting a photograph of my very first pair of shoes I ever created:


There’s a bit of a backstory to these red henna-style canvas shoes. I constantly browse through Pinterest, Wanelo, and Etsy as forms of pleasure and torture, since I see beautiful clothes and earrings and decorations that I will never be able to have! One day in November 2012, I found a GORGEOUS pair of Henna shoes on Etsy, and couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful they were, and how amazing it would be to own them, and how I could totally not afford an $80 pair of shoes. Naturally, since I’m Indian, i felt like I needed to have these shoes because I absolutely adore the Henna print (fun fact: it’s actually called “Mendhi” in India).  I told my good friend about how I was drooling over the beauty of the henna designs on a pair of simple canvas shoes, but I never thought to actually draw on a pair myself.

Lo and behold, one month later, I get a package in the mail on my birthday with a pair of size 7.5 TOMS and a set of thin and thick Sharpies. Along with the shoes and sharpies, he got me a book on advancing my photography skills. I was absolutely and totally surprised. I was absolutely and totally inspired. I guess discovering that someone else believed in my art and potential gave me the push to believe in myself as well.

Long story short, this lovely pair of shoes was the outcome of seven consecutive hours of drawing (and fun!).

Although these specific shoes are not for sale, the print itself is. In any color design, in any color canvas shoe, in any shoe size, I can make these Henna shoes for you. PLEASE feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying a pair of shoes like these. Like I said in my previous post, I’m not here to rip you off at $80 per shoe. I’m here to draw something you’ll feel excited to wear. And I can guarantee that with these shoes, you’re bound to turn some heads.